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KE105 - Beginners Microsoft PowerPoint

Practical workshop introducing features required to create basic presentations or slide shows

KE106 - Formatting Essays in Microsoft Word

Hands-on training introducing features required for producing basic essays or reports

KE108 - Beginners Microsoft Excel

Practical session introducing features required to create basic spreadsheets

KE109 - Formatting Dissertations in Microsoft Word

Use advanced features to improve the appearance and efficiency of dissertations or extended assignments

KE125 - Advanced Spreadsheets 1: Lookup Functions in Microsoft Excel

Session providing an introduction to basic lookup functions

KE126 - Advanced Spreadsheets 2: Sorting and Filtering Lists in Microsoft Excel

Session covering how to sort lists safely and easily filter using some advanced techniques

KE127 - Advanced Spreadsheets 3: PivotTables in Microsoft Excel

Workshop introducing how to use PivotTables to group and analyse large amounts of data

KE143 - Charts in Microsoft Excel

Short workshop covering how to create, format and modify a variety of charts





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