Staff PCs with Windows 10

Your staff PC upgrade to Windows 10

For Staff Managed Desktop PCs (not laptops or unmanaged PCs): please speak to your departmental IT representative before you install it following the steps below.

To start your upgrade:

  1. Follow this checklist if you haven't already done so.
  2. Choose a good time to do it:
    • your PC needs to be left alone for a few hours to run the upgrade.
    • just before you leave for the day is ideal as it can run overnight.
    • the next morning you'll need an hour or two to make sure it's all working as it should. For most people it will take less than an hour to be fully up and running.
  3. If you have files saved on the Desktop you could lose them. Save them to a networked location such as:
    • your Z: drive: if you save to your My Documents folder, this is your Z: drive.
    • central file storage such as gromit, venturi, filestore2, departmental share, a shared drive or X: drive.
    • SharePoint.
    • If you use your own photo as wallpaper, save a copy of the photo to the network in case it doesn't get transferred across.
  4. Close all programs, including Outlook, and unplug any USB disks you may have.
  5. Click Start then search for and select Software Center.
  6. Click Operating Systems in the left side menu in Software Center.
  7. Click the file listed with a name that is prefixed with this text:
  8. A popup window will ask you to click Install to start the process. Only do this if you're sure you have backed up any work you don’t want to lose (saved it to your Z:/ drive, a networked folder or a USB stick).

  9. Don’t use the PC from now on, until it's done. It can take several hours. There are the 3 stages of the process:
    • Stage 1: all local files are copied.
    • Stage 2: the PC restarts several times as it rebuilds the desktop, formats the hard disk and applies Windows 10.
    • Stage 3: it restores all the saved user files. Once restored Windows 10 will start and then finish its setup.
  10. When finished you will see a blank blue screen with this white text in the left bottom corner:
    • the time, the date and instructions to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock.
    • it probably won't say ‘Staff managed desktop’ yet; that will appear after a few days/when the PC has restarted a few times.

Login and do these post-upgrade tasks

Post-upgrade tasks: how to get up and running (this should take less than an hour).


If you need help with any of the above, ask your department’s IT representative or contact us.


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