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Windows 10 PCs in lecture theatres and seminar rooms

Teaching PCs are identical to student PCs. They run Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016. If you’ve not used a student PC before, please take a few minutes before teaching to use the PC.

5 minutes to log in

The first time you log in, it might take 5 minutes as the PC loads your preferences. It remembers them next time so future logins should be under a minute.

For a quicker login time when teaching (15 seconds), you could use an Additional IT Account when teaching. It will be more restrictive though, for example you can't access Library e-resources or your usual files/folders. Apply for an Additional Account

How to sign out (it's not obvious!)

  • Right-click on the Windows start icon (bottom left corner of the screen)
  • Select Shut down or sign out
  • Then Sign out (please don't choose Shut down as this delays the next lecturer).

Project the screen

  1. Hold down the Windows key (bottom left on the keyboard, with a flag on it) and press the P key.
  2. Click Duplicate.

Finding software

To browse the software on the PC, click the Windows start icon, then All apps. Or use the search box next to the Start menu (labelled ‘I’m Cortana‘).

If you don't find what you need try searching for it - sometimes not all software shows in the All apps list. More about software at Kent

Find your USB (or other) drive

  1. Click the Start icon.
  2. Click File Explorer.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Presenter view

Use this view to show your slides on a projector, while you see them with notes on the monitor.

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Hold down the Windows key (bottom left on the keyboard, with a flag on it) and press the P key.
  3. Click Extend.
  4. If the monitor shows a background screen and the projector shows PowerPoint:
    • Click the Slide Show tab on the projector screen
    • In the drop-down Monitor menu, select Primary Monitor
  5. Start your slide show
  6. When you've finished, hold down the Windows key and press the P key, then click Duplicate, so it's ready for the next person to use.

Annotating your slides

You can use the "Ink" feature in Microsoft Office:

  1. on the ribbon, click the Review tab
  2. click Start Inking.

Smart Ink isn't available because it clashes with KentPlayer.




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Last Updated: 22/02/2017