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Using a Staff Managed Desktop

Most staff PCs are Staff Managed Desktops (it says Staff Managed Desktop when you login or press the CTRL + ALT + Delete keys together to lock the PC).

Get started using your staff PC

  • To access files and print, you may need to map a drive and install a printer.
  • To use Outlook for your staff email open Microsoft Outlook. The setup process should run: choose Microsoft Exchange if asked for the mail service/type.
  • Turn your PC off overnight and at weekends to save power and ensure that automatic Windows updates can be applied.


Using campus PCs

Finding software on staff PCs

To add new software:

  1. Type Software Center in the search box (bottom left)
  2. In the Applications tab, select software from the list and click Install 
  • it looks like nothing is happening, but when complete, status will change to ‘Installed’.
  • contact us to request anything not listed.

Collaboration and communication software

Skype for Business

Audio and video conferencing

You can run audio or video conferences from your desk using Skype or Skype for Business. Canterbury and Medway have video conferencing suites you can book.
Video conferencing



SharePoint is collaborative web space for staff to share documents and tasks. You can access it from on and off campus with your Kent IT Account.


Mailing list software

You can create a mailing list that both University users and external users can subscribe to. A useful tool for sharing key academic messages to students or staff, your list can be created in a way that does not allow users to unsubscribe. University of Kent mailing lists



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Last Updated: 19/12/2019