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Scanning and copying



Scanning as an image or PDF

All photocopiers in the Library can scan as well as copy. Follow the instructions next to the copier. Copies are emailed to you in PDF for TIF format.

Dedicated scanners for high quality

On Level 2 Centre in the Library there are dedicated scanning PCs, offering much more choice over the quality and format of the output. A guide to using them is next to the PCs.

Scanning to editable text (basic OCR)

You can perform basic editable text scans using the dedicated scanners on Level 2 Centre in the Library.
Instructions for their use are next to the PCs.

  • the Text (OCR) to RTF file setting will create a file that you can open and edit in Word
  • the Document to Wordpad setting will create a file that you can open and edit in Wordpad.


How to use Templeman Library photocopiers

  1. Place your document on the photocopier.
  2. Swipe your student / staff ID or visitor's card against the black card reader.
  3. Enter your PIN number (if you don't have a PIN, see Create a photocopying PIN).
  4. Choose a paper size of either A4 or A3.
  5. Choose Black & White or Colour.
  6. Press the green button to copy.
  7. Press Log Out when you have finished copying.

Photocopying for visitors

If you have a Kent IT account you can use Templeman Library photocopiers for a small charge. If you don't have an IT account, you need to buy a £2 photocopying card from Welcome Desk where you will also be given a PIN number.

Pay for your copies at Welcome Desk on Level 1 - the charges are as follows:

Cost of copies (per side)

A4 Black & White: 5 credits (5p) 
A4 Colour: 20 credits (20p)
A3 Black & White:   10 credits (10p)
A3 Colour:   40 credits (40p)



  • Forgot your PIN? Welcome Desk can reset it for you.
  • Refunds are not available for lost or damaged cards.
  • If you still have an old card (that doesn't use a PIN) you'll need to buy a new card for £2. The remaining credits from your old card can be transferred on to it. Refunds cannot be given.

Paying for photocopying

Photocopying is paid for with print credits, which you can buy from Welcome Desk, or from print credit machines in libraries and colleges, or online.

Cost of copies (per side):

  • A4 Black & White 5 print credits
  • A4 Colour 20 print credits
  • A3 Black & White 10 print credits
  • A3 Colour 40 print credits

Create a photocopying PIN

Staff / students: must create a PIN to use Templeman Library photocopiers (you only need to do this once).
Visitors: don't need to create a PIN as it will be given to you with your visitor's photocopying card.

To create a PIN
  1. Swipe your card against the black card reader.
  2. Enter your Kent IT account username and password with the touch screen.
  3. Press Associate.
  4. Swipe your card again.
  5. Enter a PIN on the keypad (use numbers only).



There are photocopying facilities at the Tonbridge Centre Library, charged at 5p per A4 side, 10p per A3 side. Ask staff for help if required. Staff and tutors have priority when using the photocopier.

Tonbridge Centre Library website


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