Print Copy Scan


Basic scan

If you scan on a Print Copy Scan machine you'll get a PDF emailed to you. These instructions are next to each machine:

  1. Scan your KentOne card or log in to the machine
  2. On the touch screen, press Use copier functions > Next > Mail2Me
  3. Place item face down on the glass and close the lid.
  4. Press the green button to scan, and then Complete when done. Your scan is emailed to you.


Convert scanned files to accessible formats (OCR)

After you’ve scanned a page of text, you can turn it into an accessible format such as editable text, MP3 audio, DAISY text and audio, and Braille.

  1. Go to Sensus Access page on the Library website
  2. Upload the document you want to convert. Follow the process on screen to choose your preferred format.
  3. Shortly after, you’ll get an email with the converted file attached.

High quality and OCR scanning

Find flatbed scanners in Block C on Floor 1 in the Templeman Library.

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