Print Copy Scan

Print formats

A4 black and white (mono) and double-sided is the setting used from most student PCs if you don't change it. These alternatives are available:

  • A3
  • colour
  • coloured paper (yellow or blue).

To choose a different print format from a student PC

  1. Before you send your file to print, find the Print options for your document.
  2. In the print options, click A4 on print to see the option to choose A3, colourA3 or colourA4

  3. Click on the printer name (A4 on print) to see a list of alternatives.
  4. Choose one, such as colourA3 from the list.
  5. If you can’t see any other printers:
    • click Add a printer
    • search for the name of the printer you want; eg A3.

Not all printers can print colour

While all Print Copy Scan machines will print A4 and A3, they don't all print colour: see colour printer locations.


Look at the Print options for your document: in Print Settings, Properties or Preferences. You should see an option to choose single-sided.

Yellow or blue paper

To print on yellow or blue paper you need to choose to print to either:

  • 'yellowA4'
  • or 'blueA4'.

This printer is Templeman Library block D. It isn't a Print Copy Scan machine and so when you send a file to print to it:

  • your work prints immediately, double-sided A4
  • you’re charged straight away.

To use this printer from a student PC:

  1. Click Start
  2. Search for and select the following:
    • \\printserver2\yellowA4 (for yellow paper)
      • if you don't find it, try searching for \\\yellowA4
    • \\printserver2\blueA4 (for blue paper)
      • if you don't find it, try searching for \\\blueA4
  3. Choose Print from the document your want to print

You can also print to it from your laptop.

Save your choice of printer

This makes it available to you from any student PC.

  1. Click Start then search for \\print\
    • If you don't the printer you want listed, search for \\printserver2\
  2. A list of printers pops up. Double-click on any printer in the list to add it

That’s it! From now on this printer will be available when you print from any student PC.


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