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Pay for printing and photocopying

Buy print credits

You need to buy print credits to pay for printing and photocopying. You can print before you pay, and top up your print account when you're near your £2 overdraft limit (up to 40 sides A4 black and white).

  • Buy print credits online
  • Check your balance
  • Use a print credit machine on campus:
    • minimum charge is 10p.
    • machines take £1 coins (some accept £2) and notes; they don’t give change.
    • Canterbury: in the Templeman Library or Oaks Study Hub.
    • Medway: in the Drill Hall Library or the Medway building student finance office.

Note: print credits are not usually refunded when you leave Kent.

Costs per side

For printing or photocopying:

  • A4 = 5p (5 credits)
  • A3 = 10p (10 credits) 
  • Colour A4 = 20p (20 credits)
  • Colour A3 = 40p (40 credits)

Why do we have to pay?

The University doesn't profit from printing. The charges cover the costs of the service. People only print what they need, which reduces our environmental impact.

Some academic schools provide an allocation of print credits free to their students.

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