Student Email

Access student email on your
Android phone or tablet

Follow these steps to set up email access

The order some of these setting appear in may vary between different devices:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Email or Exchange
    • or instead open Email then choose Settings, then Add account
  2. Enter your Kent email address
  3. Enter your Kent password
  4. Manual setup
  5. Choose Exchange account
  6. Enter your Kent IT Account username in this format:
  7. Exchange server:
  8. Use SSL (accept all SSL Certificates)
  9. Client Certificate: None
  10. Press Next
  11. Click OK to the Remote security administration warning that pops up:

  12. Edit the Account Options if you wish
  13. Press Next
  14. Name your account Office 365
  15. Press Done
  16. You need to activate the device administrator:

    It makes your email more secure by giving us the ability to remote wipe your device if it's lost or stolen. This would mean losing all data on the device. We need this option to make sure University data isn't compromised.

If you have done all this and seem to get stuck on a loading screen:

  1. Tap the menu icon on the top left of the screen (three parallel lines)
  2. Go to the setting menu
  3. Select the Kent account
  4. You should now be prompted for a security update
  5. Your emails should start appearing.

If these settings don't work for your device, you could try these IMAP settings


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