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Corporate mailbox (shared mailbox)

A Corporate Mailbox allows a group of people to use a shared email account, task list, calendar and contacts.

Apply for a Corporate Mailbox (printed forms are available at IS Help points).

How to access your mailbox

Using OWA


Using Outlook 2010 or 2013 for Windows

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Click File tab in the Toolbar
  3. Click Account Settings button, select Account Settings
  4. Click to select the Microsoft Exchange account that's listed, then click the small Change... button just above it:

  5. Click the More Settings button then the Advanced tab
  6. Click the Add button
  7. Type the Corporate Mailbox Name
  8. Click the Apply and Ok buttons, then Next, Finish, and Close
  9. When composing your next email in Outlook, click Options (top menu) and then From. This will display the From field so you can choose the mailbox you're sending from. You have now enabled the From field to be shown on all new messages.

Who is the sender?

To show the correct Sender on new messages that you want to send from your corporate mailbox, you have to manually change the From address (if you can't see the From field, follow step 10 above).

This doesn't affect replies: if you reply to a message in your corporate mailbox, the From field correctly shows the mailbox.

Which Sent folder?

By default, sent mail goes into your personal Sent folder no matter who it was From.

Agree a procedure for managing this:

  • individuals can drag and drop mail from their personal Sent folder into the corporate mailbox Sent folder.
  • or you could use OWA for sending new mail from your corporate mailbox (instructions are above).


Using Outlook 2011 - for Macs

  1. Open Outlook 2011.
  2. Click Add Account then add an Exchange Account
    - if you don't see Add Account,: click Tools, then Accounts, then the + symbol (bottom left corner) and select Exchange from the list.
  3. E-mail address: corporate mailbox email address
  4. Authentication method: User Name and Password
  5. Enter your personal Kent username in this format: UKC\abc1 and your password
  6. Configure automatically: leave ticked
  7. Click Add Account and close the window.



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