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Online archiving in Exchange 2013

  • Your email has a 3GB storage limit supplemented by an unlimited archive folder.
  • It's called Archive, In-Place Archive or Online Archive and sits below your mailbox (note: you can't see it in Outlook if you're using IMAP).
  • To free up space use OWA or Outlook to move items into your archive folder.

How to move items into your archive folder

Right-click on a folder or individual email, choose Move and choose a location.

Set an archive policy

You can set a policy to automatically move emails into your archive at set times. Set the policy on any folder, and the policy then applies to all its subfolders.

Set an archive policy with Outlook

  1. Right-click on an email folder, select Properties, then Policy.
  2. Choose from the options given. The policy will be applied overnight.

Set an archive policy with Outlook Web App

  1. Log into
  2. Right-click on an email folder you want to auto-archive, select Assign Policy
  3. Choose from the options given. The policy will be applied overnight.

Your Online Archive folders

The Online Archive automatically copies your folder structure. So if you were to set an archive policy on a To Do folder in your Inbox, a duplicate To Do folder would be created in the Inbox of your Online Archive.

To browse your Online Archive, go to your Online Archive folder in Outlook or OWA.

Why can’t I keep everything in my Inbox?

As your online archive is used less often than your main mailbox, it can run efficiently using lower specification storage. This enables us to provide more overall storage to meet your needs.

How to move .pst files into your Archive

If you've got an old email archive folder stored as a .pst file, follow these instructions to move them into Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook 2010 or 2013
  2. Click File, then Account Settings, then Account Settings...
  3. Click the Data Files tab, then Add...
  4. Find your .pst file, click on it, click OK and then Close
  5. The .pst file will appear as a new folder in Outlook, possibly called Outlook Data File or Archive
  6. You can now drag and drop files between this folder and your online archive folder.


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Last Updated: 02/07/2018