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Kentforlife email service closing

The Kentforlife email service is no longer being offered to new staff and students, and the service will be fully closed on 31 July 2019.

What this means for you

After midnight on 31 July 2019:

  • Your email address will no longer work.
  • Emails sent to it won't be delivered (senders will receive an 'undelivered' alert).
  • Any forwarding that's been set up will no longer work.
  • Your Kentforlife mailbox and all messages in it will be permanently deleted.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you. See below for help.

Why we’re retiring Kentforlife

We've offered the service to Kent leavers for over 10 years. During that time usage has declined significantly. We've taken the difficult decision to close this service because it's blocking us from providing a range of collaborative digital services to current students and staff.

What you need to do before 31 July

Set up an alternative email address

If you don't already have one, we suggest getting a personal email account with a provider such as Gmail, or others: we can help you create an account if you contact us

Tell all your contacts to use your new email address. Do this as soon as possible so that you have time to remind people and won’t miss their emails. Kentforlife won’t be switched off until 31 July 2019.

Academics and researchers: ORCID can help peers find you

Staff with an ORCID identifier are findable by peers from the ORCID websiteKeep your information on ORCID up to date including any related contact details such as:

  • share the institution you currently work at.
  • list your latest publications and include your current contact details if you can.
  • include a link to your blog or any websites which offer a way to get in touch.

More about ORCID


Forwarding emails or contacts

Before you leave you can forward some personal emails or contacts to your alternative email account.

By law you can’t keep, copy or forward anything that contains:

  • personal data about anyone related to the University or University work
  • information which is confidential to the University.

Due to this legislation, the University can't offer an automatic forwarding service. Please read this advice with instructions about how to copy your emails to a new account.

If people contact the University hoping to contact you

In compliance with data protection laws (such as GDPR) we can no longer automatically forward emails on to you. However if people contact the University hoping to contact you, we could (if requested, and with your permission) manually forward their email to you. We would need you to give the Kent Alumni Office permission to keep in touch:

Update services you’ve registered to with your Kent email address

If you’ve used your or email address to sign up to any services (Amazon, online banking, etc) then change this to an alternative address before 31 July 2019.


If you're a current staff or PGR student, and use OneNote, OneDrive or Teams

If you sign into OneDrive or Teams with your Kent IT Account/Kentforlife email, please contact us.


Alumni services are still accessible

If you log into any alumni services with your old Kent IT Account username, such as MyFolio, this will continue to work.

How to view your Kentforlife Inbox

To log in go to and enter your Kent IT Account username.


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Last Updated: 15/02/2019