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Taking data outside the University of Kent


When copying any data (emails, files, information) to a location outside the University network (such as to a personal email account or file storage account such as Dropbox/iCloud etc), you must comply with the following:

  • only take information that belongs to you;
  • do not take anything that contains personal data about others (such as data or information about students, colleagues or other individuals);
  • do not take anything which may contain commercially sensitive information about the University.

Please submit this form to confirm that you've read and understood these requirements. You'll then see our instructions for how to copy email data to an alternative email.

Before copying any data outside the University of Kent, I confirm that:

  I won't copy anything that contains personal information about others.

  I won't copy anything where the intellectual property is owned by the University. If unsure, I will seek clarification/permission from the University.

  I will make sure anything that I copy adheres to IT Regulations, the Data Protection Code of Practice and the Information Security Policy.

  I've read and understood the expectations as outlined above. I will act in a way that protects the data of others and the University of Kent.






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Last Updated: 21/02/2019