Internet in your campus bedroom

Get online on your PC, laptop, Mac

Wi-Fi on campus – eduroam

Your Wi-Fi service is eduroam. It works in your room and across campus. Do not use WiFi Guest, it's for visitors only and is not as fast.

Wi-Fi respect

Don’t upset your neighbours by using a wireless router or a running a mobile hotspot. These are not allowed because they can block the Wi-Fi signal for others around you.

Network / Ethernet cable needed

If you didn’t bring a network / Ethernet cable with you, you can get one from your accommodation reception or the IT & Library Support Desk. If your laptop doesn’t have a network socket you’ll need to buy an Ethernet adapter.

Setup your Wired and Wi-Fi connection

  1. Make sure your PC, laptop or Mac meets our security requirements
  2. Connect your PC or laptop to the wall socket using a network / Ethernet cable. In some rooms there are two Ethernet sockets. If you want to use both and find that one of them doesn't work, contact us so we can switch it on.
  3. From a web browser go to this Registration page:
  4. Follow the process on screen:
    • choose to setup Wi-Fi first if you need it
    • once Wi-Fi is set up go back to step 3 and choose Wired this time.

Linux can use the wired and Wi-Fi service, but we can’t offer support to use it.

Problem with your wall socket? Cable doesn't fit into your laptop? Any connection problems, contact IT & Library Support Desk.




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