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Staff: about your Kent IT Account

It gives you access to services such as email, network filestores, staff PCs and printers, software, campus Wi-Fi, Library online resources and more.

Need to change your password or having login issues? Manage your Account.

Getting your new staff IT Account

You'll get an email to let you know when you can activate your IT Account. It contains your employee number which you need to activate the account.

  • Try to activate your account before you arrive for your first day.
  • If you haven't had the email and your start date is less than a week away, please let your line manager know.

Line managers: getting an IT Account for new staff

Most new staff accounts are generated the HR new starter process. Your new starter will get an email as described above.

Request an IT account for temporary staff, visitors, contractors etc

If you apply for resource access for them, note that they can use their account up to 7 days before their contract starts.

IT services for staff

Find out what IT services you can access

Leaving Kent

What happens to your Account when you leave


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Last Updated: 25/03/2019