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IS Student Satisfaction Survey 2009/2010


Executive summary

In November 2009, Information Services launched three surveys. This report addresses the outcome of the second largest, Kent students studying at the University of Kent at Medway.

The Medway campus is home to around 2,200 University of Kent students. 338 responses (treble the number last year) represent a little over 16% of the student population. 2% of responses (43 students) are from overseas (24 Home (EU) and 19 international). 11% of Kent's total student population are international students, 4% (91 students) are located on the Medway campus. The 19 student responses represent 20% of the international student population at Medway.

3.5% (22 students) have no access to a computer where they live during term time (21 are Home (UK) students). Last year only one student said they had no computer at home. Almost 90% of students use the Drill Hall Library PCs - nearly two thirds three times a week. Satisfaction levels are good with three quarters rating provision 8 or above. Several comments make reference to improvements since last year.

Around three quarter of students use the Library printers. Satisfaction levels have climbed - this year over two thirds rate satisfaction 8 and above. Poor quality printing dominated comments last year, this year the focus returns to printing costs. Last year students were asked if the catalogue was giving them enough information to find the material they require, over three quarters said that it did. Following recent work on the catalogue this percentage has now climbed to 93%.

Satisfaction with eJournals continues to increase - last year fewer that half rated satisfaction 8 and above, this year the percentage has increased to over 50%.

The new student portal introduced last academic year is used by over 90% of students - two thirds rate satisfaction 8 and above.

Students are asked to rate the importance of information on the University of Kent Library and IT website as a measure of expectation and then to rate satisfaction. Satisfaction levels this year are equal and indeed exceed expectations suggesting customer's needs are being met. Comments (similar to those expressed by students in Canterbury) reveal is that not all students however are finding the information.


About surveys

The annual IS Student Satisfaction Survey takes place during the autumn term; the results are reported to Information Services managers, the Computer Users Panel and the Library Users Panel. The report highlights issues of concern to students and managers propose actions to address these concerns. A report is then presented to the Information Services Committee and published online.

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