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Monitoring the use of IT services

All staff and students should note that their activities on the network are logged and these logs may be used in some circumstances as described below:

15. The University keeps logs of the use of IT systems and services, for example electronic mail and web access. These logs are used for purposes connected with the provision and operation of those services and facilities and in the circumstances described in the following paragraph.

16. The University does not routinely monitor individual users' use of IT facilities and services but, in compliance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000), may do so in the following circumstances:

  • To establish compliance with UK legislation, these Regulations and other University regulations;
  • To investigate or detect unauthorised use of the University‘s or other IT facilities;
  • To secure effective system operation or as an inherent part of system operation;
  • To prevent or detect crime; or
  • In the interests of national security.

Extract from the Regulations for the Use of IT Facilities at the University of Kent (pdf)



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Last Updated: 09/07/2018