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The VERsatile DIgitisation framework project (VERDI) developed a technical framework for the digitisation, cataloguing and web presentation of specialist material. The project created the framework by generalising the infrastructure and standards developed for the JISC-funded British Cartoon Archive Digitisation project (BCAD) and then demonstrated its applicability by using it to produce new or enhanced digital content from three under-developed collections owned by the University.


boxing cartoon

Sporting cartoons by Tom Webster (1886-1962)

The British Cartoon Archive (BCA) holds 3,982 of Webster’s original Daily Mail drawings. They had not been digitised nor catalogued, and were impossible to study, as students and researchers could not be given direct access to the fragile originals.


excavation photo

Renfrew Orkney Islands excavation

In the 1970s Professor Lord Colin Renfrew performed early excavations of the Orkney Islands which are held by Kent’s Centre for the History of Archaeology.

The Centre is interested in understanding how archaeology developed historically, directing knowledge through the creation of tools and procedures and formulating questions, theories and agendas.


windmill photo

Muggeridge Collection of windmills and watermills

Kent’s Special Collections holds a unique collection of mill photographs dating from the early part of the 20th century onwards. It is particularly rich in black and white photographs of windmills and watermills, and other aspects of rural life, from a time just prior to the enormous changes which took place in agriculture and its associated technology during the latter part of the century.

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