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EILE: Enabling Integrated Learning Environments

The Enabling Integrated Learning Environments (EILE) project is funded by the Joint Information Services Committee (JISC) and will be completed in partnership with IMS Global Learning Consortium and Canterbury Christ Church University.

The EILE project is driving toward Flexible Service Delivery (FSD) by supporting the implementation and integration of new or enhanced administrative systems. Leveraging the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment’s (VLE) many entities, including users, courses and modules, we will provide mechanisms that allow it to intelligently link to other web systems using the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) framework and a configurable web services Moodle block that can receive data from providers.

The project will be providing two streams of deliverables based upon LTI and interoperability through web services. Each stream will have a compliant consumer for Moodle, acting as a blueprint for other learning environments, and an example of complaint service provider. To support further development, the project will provide tutorials on how to become compliant with both mechanisms and outline the criteria an integration candidate must meet including security, reliability and suitability. To underpin the mechanisms, the project will analyse the integration environment, base lining implementations with and without our mechanisms, attempting to identify real cost savings for academic institutions.

Technical goals

For both the LTI and web service interoperability standards, the EILE project will deliver the following:

  • A compliant consumer for Moodle
  • One, or more, compliant providers
  • Tutorials on how to become compliant
  • A process through which to evaluate potential integration candidates

Business and user-oriented goals

  • Identify other opportunities for integration around our and our partners’ institutions
  • Discover the real cost savings that could be achieved through interoperability
  • Ask how the mechanisms might enable Moodle to act as a portal

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