Information Services

Library User Panel (LUP)



Terms of reference and membership

Terms of reference

  1. To inform the Information Services Board on needs of Library Users as they relate to policy matters.
  2. To inform the Director of Information Services on user needs as they relate to the management of information resources and provision of Library services.
  3. To advise on improvements to all aspects of Library collections and services.
  4. To receive and consider reports from the Library.
  5. To report to the Information Services Board.


  • Chair: Nominated ISB representative
  • Shadow chair: Nominated student representative
  • Assistant Director: Library Collections
  • Assistant Director: Customer Support
  • Head of Academic Liaison
  • Head of Collections Management (or Head of Special Collections)
  • Front Line Services Manager
  • Research rep from each Academic Faculty - see library rep role descriptions
  • Teaching rep from each Academic Faculty - see library rep role descriptions
  • Representative from the Student Union
  • Four student representatives:
    • postgraduate
    • postgraduate research
    • undergraduate full-time
    • undergraduate part-time
  • One representative from each of the following special interest groups:
    • UELT
    • Student Support and Wellbeing
    • Research and Enterprise
  • Drill Hall Library Manager




Information Services, University of Kent

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Last Updated: 16/10/2020