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IT User Panel - ITUP

Terms of reference

  1. To inform the Information Services Board (ISB) of the needs and views of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) users.
  2. To inform the Director of Information Services on the needs of users in relation to the management and provision of ICT and related services.
  3. To provide an arena for discussion of ICT related interaction external to the University and advise of needs accordingly. Key examples being web and social media and such new technologies as may arise.
  4. To assist Information Services with its service monitoring, user engagement activities and service improvement planning.
  5. To consider survey results (IS internal user surveys, NSS, UGS, PGS etc.) and advise on any suitable developments or responses.
  6. To meet at least once per term as a whole committee and additionally as required.
  7. To facilitate or publicise relevant events.
  8. To report to the Information Services Board.


  • Chair – Paul Sinnock selected and approved by ISB as Chair
  • Director of Information Services (who shall submit a written report on behalf of IS and may attend as a member when requested by the Chair)
  • Assistant Director of Information Services - Customer Support
  • Assistant Director of Information Services - IT Development
  • One from the team of Faculty Learning Technologists (UELT)
  • One representative from each School, Department, Centre or business unit.
  • One representative from the Students Union
  • One postgraduate representative (nominated via Students Union)
  • One undergraduate representative per faculty (nominated via Students Union)
  • IS, UELT and other professional services departments may send such other staff as non-members as may be needed to present reports on project work etc. and answer related queries.

Download ITUP membership and terms of reference (pdf).




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Last Updated: 24/11/2020