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Information Services Board (ISB)

Terms of reference and membership

The Information Services Board (ISB) monitors and reviews the strategy and resources of Information Services. It receives reports from the Director of Information Services, as well as from the IT and Library User Panels, the Drill Hall Library User Group, the Digital Communications Group. ISB reports to Senate.

The committee meets three times a year.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To contribute to, and keep under review, the University's strategy in the area of Information Services and Communications and Information Technology (C&IT), ensuring alignment with institutional objectives.
  2. To keep under review national and international developments in the field of Information Services and C&IT and to advise the University on the adoption of relevant implementation strategies.
  3. To oversee the University's Information Services strategies, monitor their implementation, and bring forward recommendations on the balance of provision for central and departmental Information Services support.
  4. To have oversight of University data assurance.
  5. To make recommendation to the Finance and Resources Committee relating to the budget of Information Services.
  6. To receive and consider reports from the Director of Information Services.
  7. To receive and consider reports from the IT User Panel, the Library User Panel, the Drill Hall Library User Group and senior managers from major projects.
  8. To report to Senate as appropriate and at least once per academic year.
  9. To communicate as appropriate with other relevant University committees.

Secretary: Helen Farbrace/Administration Manager – Information Services


  • Chair: Denise Everitt - Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer
  • Information Services:
    • John Sotillo - Director
    • Gill Woodhams - Assistant Director
  • Faculty representatives (terms of service for Faculty representatives to serve on the Board is 3 years, to commence September 2017/18):
    • a nominated Dean - Professor Mark Burchell, Sciences
    • Gerald Tripp - Sciences
    • Dr Alison Dean - Social Sciences
    • Prof. Kenneth Fincham - Humanities
  • IT User Panel: Ed Ludlow - Chair
  • Library User Panel: Prof Ellie Lee - Chair
  • Academic Division: Mary Hughes - Academic Registrar
  • Research Services: Dr Simon Kerridge - Director
  • Technology Task and Finish Group: Mark Ellis - Assistant Director, Operations Support
  • Kent Union: Stuart Lidbetter - Education Officer / Kent Union Board of Trustees
  • Corporate website: Posie Bogan - Director of Corporate Communications
  • Support Services: Neil Oliver - Assistant Director of Finance
  • Projects and Business Improvement: Julie Compton - Director




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Last Updated: 04/03/2019