Rob has a keen interest for the events industry and creative sector, particularly anything that involves cinema and theatre to support local students and promote creativity!

Rob completed a Masters degree in Creative writing here at Kent in 2021 and has now started working on a PhD. 

What Rob Said:

Having written multiple screenplays and novels, I am now planning on launching my own podcast, covering tips and news in the creative sector, films, re-emerging theatre shows and more from the local area. 

I’d love to document my experience with the Institute on this podcast too and all that you do to support local businesses! 

I think after multiple lockdowns, many industries are looking to expand/rebrand their digital online presence and improve engagement with customers and audiences. I think my film/theatre knowledge and marketing skills were useful for my internship and I helped to develop some ideas around a new digital campaign for Creative Kent. 

I also recently attended a Digital Writing course by Jakki Bendell on audience engagement, editing and planning – ideal for creating any marketing campaigns! 

I have particularly enjoyed working with the Institute in collaboration with Kent's Employability & Careers Service to plan and deliver events for this year's Employability Festival.

What we said:

Due to Rob's Postgraduate commitments, he has worked as an intern for the Institute on a flexible basis, rather than over a fixed two-week period.  This means that we have been able to involve him in activities and events that he was particularly interested in, rather than whatever we might have been working on during any specific time period.

Rob already had some digital Marketing experience when he began his internship.  We were particularly impressed by his professional website, and his social media savvy was really valuable and a great help to us.

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