Jihad Kmail graduated from Kent in 2018 with an MA in Architectural Visualisation and now runs his own architectural practice, AD3.

I established my business in late 2014. AD3 is an architectural services firm based in Palestine which uses an innovative digital approach to provide solutions for the architectural industry. In addition to design, AD3 provides 3D visualisation, virtual reality and building information modelling (BIM) services as part of its vision to utilise the most recent technologies in the buildings industry.

In 2017, I decided to boost my knowledge and skills in architectural visualisation and digital architecture in order to increase the capacity building of AD3 and to develop its services.

Jihad Kmail at his graduation ceremony

I found the Master's in Architectural Visualisation at the University of Kent offered exactly what I was looking for.

I was awarded Chevening scholarship which helped me to achieve my goal.

The modules on offer included a practical approach which helped me not just to strengthen my knowledge and skills, but also introduced me into completely new study areas like digital cities and projection mapping. Taking those modules combined with practical projects and field trips within and out of the UK as part of the course helped me to add those technologies directly into AD3 core services.

I finished my MA in September 2018 and I have been able to procure many new contracts and projects because of the skills which I gained doing my Master's degree.

I have also been able to transfer some of my knowledge and skills to new employees and trainees who now work for my company.


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