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How to write a privacy notice

When collecting personal data, staff should consider whether or not a privacy notice needs to be included.  This is the oral or written statement that individuals are given when information about them is collected.  It is often entitled “fair processing notice” or a more accessible title would be “how we use your information”.

In general terms, a privacy notice should state:

  • our identity
  • the purpose or purposes for collecting the information
  • any extra information you need to give individuals in the circumstances to enable you to process the information fairly e.g. who the information will be shared with


When deciding whether to use a privacy notice and how to phrase it, try to put yourself in the position of the people you are collecting information about. Ask yourself:

  • do they already know who is collecting the information and what it will be used for?
  • is there anything they would find deceptive, misleading, unexpected or objectionable?
  • are the consequences of providing the information, or not providing it, clear to them?


You should take into account the consent already received from students as part of enrolment and you may also wish to include a link to the University’s “Information for students” page on the Information Compliance section of our website.

This advice is based on guidance provided by the Information Commissioner.   Examples of privacy notices can be found on their website within the guidance document “Privacy notices code of practice”.

Privacy notices help us comply with the first data protection principle, to process personal data fairly and lawfully.  If you have any questions about this or other Data Protection matters please contact the University’s Information Compliance Officer.


Personal data collection at Kent

The University of Kent is on the ICO's Data Protection Register, number Z6847902.

School or department Description Sensitive data Privacy notice ('How we use your data') Review
Careers & Employability Careers and employability advice Yes CES privacy statement students - A separate consent from used if sensitive data recorded as part of consultation

Updated 2016

Estates Parking permit application No The University holds and processes personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data, including sensitive personal data, supplied by you on this application form will be used solely for the purposes of issuing a parking permit and providing information to the University Estates Management, Finance Division, or other University of Kent Department as appropriate. It will not be disclosed to any external source without your consent. To assist with issuing a permit we may also look up your address details in the student data system.

Updated 2016

Finance Online store No Privacy policy

Reviewed 2016

Student Records Student enrolment statement Yes Student consent to processing

Updated 2012

Reviewed 2015

Visa Compliance Team Terms and conditions of Tier 4 sponsorship Yes The University of Kent will use your personal information for the purposes stated in these terms and conditions in accordance with the Data Protection Act. To comply with the regulations governing the sponsorship of Tier 4 students, we may need to process sensitive personal data relating to your physical or mental health or condition. This processing includes securely and confidentially sharing the information between University departments and the Home Office.

Updated 2016



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