International Chromosome and Genome Society


The following statutes are an historical record of the Society’s statues, when registered in the Netherlands (it is a semi-free English translation of the Dutch statutes formulated to re-register the society). Originally, under Dutch and European law, a bank account can only be opened in the name of a society if the society is first registered in the country concerned. This however is now no longer an issue however since the bank account was closed.

Registration initially involved defining a set of statutes by legal process and submitting this to a local Chamber of Commerce. These statutes were tested by the Chamber of Commerce on their democratic and legal intent and not their cytogenetic relevance. The term General Assembly initially referred to a general meeting of members but is now taken to mean the meeting of delegates of the chromosome conference.

While these statues no longer exist in any legal sense, much of their intent remains and thus they stay on the site for historical record.


International Chromosome and Genome Society, University of Kent

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Last Updated: 30/04/2018