International Chromosome and Genome Society

Dissolution of the society and distribution of assets

Article 17

  1. The procedures described in Article 16, sections 1, 2, 3 and 5 are applicable to a decision by the General Assembly to dissolve the society.
  2. The General Assembly determines the use, as far as possible in keeping with the aims of the society, of any remaining assets.
  3. The board executes the distribution of assets.
  4. Following the decision to dissolve, the society remains active as long as necessary to distribute the assets. During distribution, the statutes remain in use as long as necessary.
  5. Distribution stops when no more assets are available for distribution.
  6. Books and various other possessions of the society must be kept for 10 years following dissolution. A custodian of the possessions will be chosen by the board.

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Last Updated: 21/11/2012