International Chromosome and Genome Society

Changing Statutes

Article 16

  1. Changing statutes can only take place through a decision of the General Assembly, whose members must be informed beforehand that changing statutes will be an agenda point at the next meeting.
  2. The proposed changes in the statutes must be available in writing in a suitable location for examination by members for at least 14 days before the General Assembly and up to 1 day following the meeting (The society web-site would be an ideal location for this).
  3. Decisions on changing the statutes can only be taken with at least a two-thirds majority of all cast votes.
  4. The statute changes only come into force after the changes have been legally documented by a lawyer (notariele akte). Any of the board members are empowered to sign this legal document on behalf of the society.
  5. The recommendations made under section 3 of Article 16 are not applicable if all voting members are present or represented and the decision is taken unanimously. (In the Dutch version sections 1 and 2 of article 16 are mentioned but in retrospect do not seem relevant)
  6. The board is responsible for depositing an original version of the proposal on statute changes, together with a complete text of all statutes, to the local Chamber of Commerce where the society is registered. (District of Maastricht)


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Last Updated: 21/11/2012