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Membership details of the website are being actively worked on.  For the most part we take membership at the time of conference registration however colleagues are more than welcome to join at any time by contacting the society secretary Dr Helen Tempest


Harold Klinger foresaw that keeping the subscription costs as low as possible would permit as many scientists as possible to join from developing countries and enjoy the benefits of the society. However, Harold realised also that it would be necessary to raise extra funds additional to subscription income to cover all expenses, including funding student fellowships, and accordingly, introduced a system of making donations for those that could afford it. Members are free to donate extra money in addition to their subscription. The sum donated can be as little or as large as the member wishes. As a guide line, most members who made a donation during the last subscription round, donated a sum equivalent to their subscription. i.e. Euros 75. Harold Klinger was himself an extremely generous donor and mainly through his largesse, the society has been able to survive the first few years and remain financially viable.
It was clearly Harold Klinger's intention that donation monies would be mainly applied to supporting students and workers from developing countries. It is the Board's purpose to honour this wish.

International Chromosome and Genome Society, University of Kent

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