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Note: This is not for the submission of an appeal following a recommendation made by a Board of Examiners relating to results of any particular Stage of study. Information on appeal procedures and forms are available here

Concessions Procedures: Guidance for Students

Forms for students studying at the Canterbury campus

  • Concessions Application for consideration by the Board of Examiners (PDF Document)

    You should ONLY use this form to explain long term problems with academic performance/failure to attend examination/impaired exam performance due to concessionary factors.
    You are strongly advised to complete this form after/during your meeting with the Senior Tutor/Student Support Officer.
    Please return the form TOGETHER with supporting documentation , e.g. medical letter, death certificates etc, to your School.

  • Concessions Application for an extension to a coursework deadline / failure to submit coursework by the deadline / failure to attend class

    If your concession is for a minor or short term problem and you DO NOT want it to be looked at by the Board of Examiners then you should contact your School Office. This includes concessions for extensions to coursework deadlines/failure to submit coursework by a deadline/failure to attend classes. Your School Office will be able to advise you further and provide a form if relevant. You may be required to meet with the Student Support Officer to discuss your concessions.

Forms for students studying at the Medway campus

Contact csao@kent.ac.uk for undergraduate administration, fso@kent.ac.uk for Faculty matters & student appeals.

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