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Some programmes of study – such as language degrees, American Studies, and a few others – include a year abroad as an integral part of the programme.  In addition however, students on all other programmes in the Faculty of Humanities can also apply to spend an optional year or term abroad; these students will graduate with a degree titled, for example, "Drama and Film with a Year Abroad", or "Philosophy with a Term Abroad". 

  • In order to be eligible for the study abroad option, students need to have achieved an average of 60% or above in Stage 1 of their degree programme (Please note that for American Studies students the eligibility rules are different. For full details go to:
  • You usually spend your third year abroad and then return to Kent for the final year of your degree. For the term abroad, you may opt to spend either Term 2 of Year 2, or Term 1 of Year 3 abroad (but note that both options are not always available in every programme, and for some destinations, only a full academic exchange year is possible. Speak to your School for further advice.
  • You will be asked to submit an application to the Go Abroad team listing your preferred destination. While we try to accommodate your preferred choices, we can only send a given number of students to each of our partner universities, and we therefore need to negotiate your requests with available spaces especially for the most popular and oversubscribed destinations.
  • The period abroad will be assessed on a pass/fail basis. You need to take and pass the equivalent of 120 Kent credits to be eligible for the 'Year Abroad' degree, or of 60 Kent credits for the "Term Abroad" degree. Although you need to pass and bring back credits, the marks achieved abroad do not contribute to your final degree classification.
  • If you fail modules abroad, take insufficient credit, or return early, you will not be eligible for the 'Year/Term abroad' degree titles.
  • Please be aware of differing term or semester times abroad, and note the teaching language for your destinations of choice.
  • Please make sure you realistically budget the expense of living abroad.
  • Restrictions to the eligibility to apply for the year or term abroad options may apply due to specific programme requirements, or due to external professional validation of some degrees (especially in the School of Architecture) and respective requirements and regulations which are beyond the control of the Faculty.

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The first point of call for you to find out more about the Study Abroad options, and to amend your programme of study if applicable, is your School. To go abroad in your third year, you will need to submit an application to the Go Abroad team early in the Autumn term of your second year. Further details will be sent at the time. Information events are held in May and early October in each School, where the application process is explained.

To apply to spend your second term of Year 2 abroad (this option may not be available for every programme of studies), please contact your School early in Spring term of your first year.

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