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People Strategy for the University of Kent

2020-2025 (Strategy Refresh)

Kent’s refreshed Institutional Strategy puts its values and its people at the heart of delivering an ambitious range of objectives.   It recognises change as a positive dimension of institutional life where it is supported by collegiality, a strong sense of community and common purpose. 

It emphasises the importance of realising personal potential and the unifying and supportive environment provided by empowering but accountable leadership.   These themes continue to resonate with an employer brand based around a single idea and commitment, first expressed in the 2015-20 People Strategy:

"Space for Passion, Room to Grow…."


Kent is a distinctive and attractive place to work – and those who work here want to keep it that way.  Since its founding it has maintained a focus on academic and professional values, and a collegial and collaborative style of working, that in turn has ensured it has continued to attract people who value the opportunity to advance and share knowledge within a supportive and inspirational environment.   It is also an ambitious organisation, recognising the need for change if it is to continue to realise those ambitions in an ever more challenging environment.

The task of the People Strategy to 2025 remains to retain a focus on the University’s core values, giving all employees space to exercise the creativity and passion that is so essential to academic endeavour, while attracting, engaging and enabling those who work here to grow both personally and professionally,  and respond positively to the changes that will be necessary to continued success in an increasingly competitive and fast changing world.   


A Refreshed and Re-focussed Approach

Over the next 5 years, and acknowledging the important shifts in the Institutional Strategy, the People Strategy is designed to enable the positive changes that are now required.    In particular the significant shift towards an increased focus on excellence in education and a newly defined approach to research mean that new work will be required to ensure that our workforce profile evolves to match our strategic objectives.


Read the full Kent's People Strategy 2020-25 (Strategy Refresh)

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