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Absence - Manager view


From 2 January 2019 you are able to request annual leave and record sickness absence through Staff Connect; the University’s integrated HR and Payroll system. As a manager, you are also able to record these and other absences for your team including compassionate leave, academic visits and trade union duties. For more details please see the overview for managers which includes links to the relevant policies.

Getting started - setting up authorisation widget

First of all, read through this guide which will show you how to use the authorisation widget (pdf). Managers will use this to review, approve and reject requests from their team. These requests include: training, annual leave and absence.

Annual leave

This guide will explain how to record annual leave (pdf) on behalf of a team member who has a prescribed entitlement.

Annual leave (non prescribed entitlement)

This guide will explain how to record annual leave (pdf) on behalf of a team member who has a non prescribed entitlement.

View, edit or cancel/delete absences

You are able to view your team's historical or upcoming absences and edit or delete leave. Please use caution when editing or deleting historical leave as Staff Connect record links to payroll. View, edit or cancel/delete absences (pdf).

Sick leave entry

Learn how to enter sick leave (pdf) on Staff Connect on behalf of your team.

Absence due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

For the latest update on the current situation please check the University of Kent Coronavirus website for more details. The latest health advice from Public Health England and the UK Government travel advice.

Time off in lieu (TOIL)

This guide explains how you can record TOIL earned and TOIL taken on behalf of a team member.

Authorised absence (paid)

This guide explains how you can enter periods of authorised absence (pdf) for a member of your team. This includes leave for fertility, volunteering and trade union duties.

Authorised absence (unpaid)

Staff Connect allows you to enter periods of unpaid authorised absence (pdf) for your team.

Unauthorised absence

This guide shows you how to enter periods of unauthorised absence (pdf) for your team.

Non-Working Period

Some members of staff hold a part year contract where they do not work every week of the year. This guide will explain how to record these non-working periods on their absence calendar. Recording of these non-working periods. is optional and it is recommended you read the team member’s contract to ensure any annual leave that is paid during non-working periods is also recorded correctly.

Compassionate leave

How you can enter periods of paid compassionate leave (pdf) for your team.

Industrial action

Please note members of staff can record periods of industrial action without requiring authorisation from you. This guide explains how you can enter periods of industrial action (pdf) for a member of staff.

Top tip

Once you have completed any tasks in ‘My People’ please use either the University of Kent logo to get back to your dashboard or the small Home button to exit from the employees record and return to the Team Selector page.
If you select ‘Me’ it will trigger an error code which will log you out of Staff Connect.

Further help

If you have any questions about Staff Connect and the launch of this new module, there is further guidance and support available, including;


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