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Accessing and using Staff Connect

Accessing Staff Connect

Staff Connect can be viewed anywhere. You can edit your details when you access Staff Connect on-campus, or off-campus by connecting to the University VPN. You can find instructions on how to do this on the IS website.

  • You can view and edit details when accessing Staff Connect on campus, via Eduroam on University of Kent campuses and off-campus via the VPN.
  • Off campus, or via Eduroam at other universities, you will only have read-only permissions, you cannot change your details.
  • The recommended web browser for using Staff Connect is Chrome. For some of the Manager functions within the system it is essential.

Staff Connect can be accessed via the University web pages - click staff in the top dark blue bar, where you will find it on the dropdown links. Alternatively you can go directly to Staff Connect by entering into your browser address bar.

You will be prompted for your University Staff IT account username and password to access the system.

How to use Staff Connect

Employee view

The guide is broken down into short sections.

Manager view

Additional guidance is available for staff who line-manage others and who can access more functionality in of Staff Connect.

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Last Updated: 09/06/2020