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Phase 2 Streamlining our HR processes

Viewing and editing your Details

You can view the details you have given the University about yourself via Staff Connect. From the Dashboard, click on My Details in the menu to reveal the different sections of your personal information. Click on a section e.g. My Contact Details, to view its content in the main window.

Information that cannot be updated by you is shown in greyed-out fields.

Example of non-editable (greyed out) and editable fields in Staff Connect.

Most pages in Staff Connect contain guidance text at the top of the page that explains what you will find on that page, how you can interact with it, what fields you can edit, and how to do so. Alongside this guidance you will also see links to the HR and Payroll websites should you need to contact staff in these teams.

My Personal Details

The My Personal Details pages lists your Names, DOB and National Insurance Number. For administrative purposes (data submission to HMRC) your legal name cannot contain any special characters such as é or ó. You can however edit your known as Forenames and known as Surname to include these characters. Enter the details you would like recorded in these fields, click the [Next] and then [Submit] buttons to confirm your updates.

My Contact Details

The My Contacts Details page shows your address, phone numbers and email addresses. You can edit all of these save for your University email address and telephone number. Enter the details you would like recorded in these fields, click [Next] and then [Submit].

My Emergency Contact Details

On the Emergency Contacts page you can add, edit and view the contact(s) you would like the University to reach in case of an emergency. To add a new Contact, click the [Add Contact] link.

Enter their details in the page provided and click [Save Contact]. You must then click [Next] and [Submit] back on your Emergency Contacts listing page for your new contact to be recorded on the system.

To edit the details of an Emergency Contact click on the contact listed under the [Relation] heading.

My Equality Information

The purpose of collecting this information is to monitor the diversity of our workplace in line with the Equality Act 2010 and to enable us to provide appropriate employment support. The information you provide will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be treated as Strictly Confidential. Before answering any questions please read the definitions of disability in available via the [Help] link on the page.

To answer a question, click on the arrow in the corresponding answer field, and choose from the list of options provided. Click [Next] and then [Submit] to record your updates.

My Historical Changes

The My Historical Changes page lists any changes you have made to your details in Staff Connect.

The page first shows a listing of all the pages within your details. Below this are the changes you have made. They are all links, so you can click on one of the changes, and you will be taken to the appropriate page, and the change will be highlighted.

Once you have reviewed the change, you can return to your Historic Changes page by clicking the [Cancel] link.

Your changes will be listed under different headings:

If they are under the heading [Open], it means that it is likely there was a break in the system, so you should submit this change again.

Those changes listed under the [Submitted] heading are awaiting authorisation.

Those changes under the heading [Authorised], have been approved.

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Last Updated: 09/12/2022