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Your Staff Connect Dashboard

When you access Staff Connect the first page you see is your Dashboard or home page. It contains a menu linking to all the other pages in your Staff Connect account, along with “widgets” which are like shortcuts to most used items. Additional widgets will appear as more functionality is added to Staff Connect in the near future.

The Header

The header appears at the top of the Dashboard and every page in Staff Connect. It contains a number of key links:

  • The Home icon returns you to this Dashboard
  • The Help icon (?) enables you to access guidance and help on using Staff Connect
  • You can view your Account on Staff Connect.  It shows when you joined the University and any posts you have held since April 2015.
  • Sign out – which you should do when you have finished using Staff Connect.

The Dashboard menu

The Dashboard menu enables you to access all the other pages in your Staff Connect account. If you are a manager, as well as seeing your menu (under the Me tab), you will see a second My People tab. More information is provided on the Manager view of Staff Connect in a separate guide.

My Details

From My Details you can view and where appropriate update your Personal Details, Contact Details, Emergency Contacts and Equality Information. You can also see any changes you have made to your details on these pages, via the My Historical Changes page.

My Pay documents

Via My Pay Documents you can access your payslips and P60s. Payslips will be held for three years in the system from launch, after this they will be archived. If you wish to keep a copy of your pay documents for longer then you are able to download or print your own copy from Staff Connect.

My Documents

It is intended that the My Documents page will eventually contain documents such as your Contract of Employment. It will be empty for most staff when the system launches.

Useful links

Useful links enables you to quickly access links to key University staff web pages.

My Delegated Responsibilities

Managers can delegate visibility of their team to another nominated person. If a manager has given you visibility of their team via Staff Connect, you will see the details of the delegation, along with the employees reporting to that manager and their details. Please treat this information with strict confidentiality and adhere the Data Protection guidelines.  

Dashboard widgets

Widgets are shortcuts to key elements of a website or system. All staff will see a Pay Documents widget on their Staff Connect Dashboard or home page. This will enable you to quickly access your three most recent payslips.

Managers will also see a Reporting widget. This widget provides access to a series of reports. The reports that are available to you on this widget depend on your permissions. All managers can view the Management Reports and Statistics previously available via the HR website.

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Last Updated: 21/07/2022