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Phase 2 Streamlining our HR processes

Keeping your Staff Connect account secure

The University is committed to ensuring the safety and security of staff data. The Staff Connect system is supplied by one of the UK’s leading HR and Payroll suppliers – Zellis.

Staff also have a responsibility to keep their account safe as you would your bank details.

  • Always keep your account details private.
  • If you think that someone may know your username and password change your password as soon as you are on campus with a University of Kent networked PC. Go to the University change password page.
  • Don't save your Staff Connect password if requested by your web browser.
  • When you have accessed your Staff Connect account do not leave the device unattended.
  • Once you have finished using Staff Connect, click the [Sign Out] link in the top right of the screen.


  • Close the browser window and if on a University PC, logout (Ctrl Alt Delete).

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Last Updated: 27/03/2019