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Phase 2 Streamlining our HR processes

Absence - employee view

You are now able to request annual leave and record sickness absence through Staff Connect; the University’s integrated HR and Payroll system.

Staff Connect replaced existing local systems of recording leave and absence from 2 January 2019.

Getting started - setting up the dashboard widgets

This guide explains how to setup Staff Connect dashboard widgets (pdf) which create shortcuts to help you access information more quickly. There are two available, Leave Management Balance and Authorisations

Annual leave

The annual leave guide (pdf) explains how you can request annual leave in Staff Connect.

Sick leave

The sick leave guide (pdf) will explain how to enter sick leave on Staff Connect. The Staff Connect absence management module is the only recognised University record of absence and is where you will now record sick leave. This is sent to your line manager or their delegate to review, authorise or reject. Staff Connect is linked to payroll and therefore it is important that any sick leave is entered promptly and accurately. There is also a short video guide (without sound).

Time off in lieu (TOIL)

This guide explains how you can record TOIL earned and TOIL taken.

View team calendar

This guide shows you how to view your team calendar of absences (pdf).

View, edit, delete or withdraw absence

You are able to view historical or upcoming absences and edit or delete leave as well as withdrawing a request for absence. Please use caution when editing or deleting historical leave as Staff Connect record links to payroll. View, edit, delete or withdraw absence (pdf).

View authorisation status of absence

This guide explains how to view the status of a request (pdf) or record of absence (e.g. annual leave) in Staff Connect.

Annual leave whilst on secondment

This guide will explain how you can request annual leave against your substantive post when on secondment (pdf) in addition to explaining how to view, edit or delete your annual leave history in Staff Connect.

Industrial Action

This guide shows you how to record periods of industrial action (pdf). You will not require authorisation from your line manager.

Further help

If you have any questions about Staff Connect and the launch of this new module, there is further guidance and support available, including;


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Last Updated: 27/03/2019