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Phase 2 Streamlining our HR processes

Background to Staff Connect Phase 2

Why is the University enhancing Staff Connect?

Since the introduction of student fees, there has been significant growth in terms of the numbers of staff employed at the University. The number of advertised vacancies has increased by over 140% since 2008. Alongside this growth has come complexity in HR work and an increasing requirement to comply with data regulations.

Phase 1 introduced the basic elements of the Staff Connect system. There is more functionality within the system that can be used to help streamline our HR procedures, and empower staff and managers. In turn, this will help the HR department provide a more responsive service.

What are the Phase 2 enhancements?

Training Administration
This new element of Staff Connect replaces the existing UTAS system used by Talent & Organisational Development (T&OD) for training course administration and evaluation.

Appraisal Management
The appraisal functionality enables managers to use Staff Connect to record that RPDs have conducted and to follow up on next steps such as training requirements.

Recruitment System
A new recruitment system has been purchased to replace the current i-Grasp solution which manages the process to recruit all salaried staff at the University.

Absence Management
The new Absence functionality added to Staff Connect has two key elements. The first supports the management of annual leave. Employees seek approval for annual leave from their manager via Staff Connect and line managers use the system to authorise these requests. Both employees and managers will be able to see a calendar of all team leave.

Managers will also be able to see at a glance the leave agreed for their team. This new functionality replaces the e-days system currently used by some schools and departments and other local arrangements.

The other element of the Absence functionality allows managers and HR staff to record employee absence via Staff Connect.

Further areas to be reviewed as part of Staff Connect Phase 2

As part of Staff Connect Phase 2 a number of other HR-related areas are being reviewed. These include:

  • Management of external examiners
  • Visiting and honorary staff processes

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Last Updated: 04/07/2022