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The Delegation functionality in Staff Connect enables a manager to delegate data access and staff authorisations to another individual.

Delegations can be set up, changed and cancelled by the manager in Staff Connect. See the Employee Guide to Delegations and Manager Guide to Delegations for more details.

Once a delegation is in place, the delegate will be able to access all data that the delegator has access to (except the delegator’s data).

Delegations can enable different people in a school or department to manage different Staff Connect processes, to reflect what happens in practice (e.g. a Director’s PA deals with all holiday requests for the department).

Before setting up any delegations we recommend reading the Delegations Guidelines, which you can access in the sidebar.

Some delegations can be set up on your behalf by the HR Systems team. Senior members of staff (e.g. Heads of School, Directors, Deans, members of Executive Group) can request delegations to be set up/changed/cancelled on their behalf via the completion of the delegation request form. This can be completed and returned to the HR Management Information and Systems team.



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Last Updated: 12/12/2022