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How to access Staff Connect

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Accessing Staff Connect

The web address of Staff Connect is

You can access Staff Connect using the Staff Connect link on the Campus Online webpage - Kent bar.


To access your Staff Connect account you will need your University Staff IT account username and password.

Remember to always keep the details of your account private. If you think someone knows your password you should change it immediately. Take a look at guidance on keeping your account secure. 

Also a student at the University?

If you are a student who works for the University or Kent Union, you should have been given a Staff IT account, in addition to your student account. When you want to access Staff Connect you will need to use this account to access the system, and if using a University PC, to login to the machine too.

Editing your details on Staff Connect

Where you access Staff Connect will affect whether you will be able to just view your details or edit them where appropriate.  If you want to update your details on Staff Connect when you are away from campus, rather than just take a look, for security, you need to connect to the VPN service first by following the instructions at . Once connected to VPN, you can log on to Staff Connect as usual and update your details. You need to register for VPN before you can use it using the online form. Registration requests are processed during working hours.

Download the Google Chrome browser here.Google Chrome - the recommended browser on which to use Staff Connect

The recommended web browser for using Staff Connect is Chrome, especially if you want to download copies of your pay documents. For some of the Manager functions within the system it is essential. If you do not have Chrome on your personal device, you can download it from Google.

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Last Updated: 14/06/2017