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About HR&OD at Kent


HR is at the heart of everybody's working life at Kent. Our new ways of working will only make this stronger, providing a platform that ensures everyone at the University is enabled and supported to make the most of their time with us.

The focus of the central HR&OD directorate will shift towards empowering others to manage their own activity locally, supporting a wider community of HR professionals embedded across the University.


To deliver on this we will:

  • Be natural collaborators, forming connections across different teams and being open to new ideas that showcase the best of what HR offers to the University

  • Continue to be the home for expert policy support and advice on all HR matters, ensuring our people practices across the University are underpinned by the latest sector guidance

  • Have robust and appropriately resourced devolved HR structures that will support the delivery of HR services to each division/directorate from within the division/directorate

  • Create a revised central HR structure for the University that remains aligned to, and enables the delivery of, the University’s Strategic plan and the People Strategy

  • Re-shape the central HR team to retain ownership of the overall People Strategy, professional standards and policies and to maintain a high level of specialist and senior expertise in the centrally located HR services and practices

  • Create roles and structures that enable the mitigation of single points of dependency, and that create scope for CPD and personal growth that will ultimately enable effective succession planning

  • Create a clear and transparent framework agreement and governance structure (Memorandum of Understanding) that sets out how the HR&OD functions (both central and devolved) will operate, and describes how the University will continue to meet its obligations as a single employer, minimising risk and ensuring a high level of consistency in HR practice across the University

  • Continue to provide a full HR service to directorates and functions from the central HR&OD directorate that are outside the scope of devolution


Registry, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 764000 or contact us

Last Updated: 27/08/2021