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HR is pleased to announce that following consultation a refreshed approach to appraisal (RPD) has been introduced. The website and guidance documents have been amended and are available to guide members of staff (reviewees) and reviewers through our organisational appraisal framework - Reflect, Plan, Develop (RPD).

What's new to RPD?

Towards the end of 2018 we introduced the ability to record that an appraisal (RPD) discussion has taken place on Staff Connect. Since the approval of the Staff Development Policy in 2017, it is mandatory that appraisals take place for staff annually, the date that these discussions take place must now be recorded in Staff Connect which is also mandatory. A copy of the signed appraisal (RPD) forms, once completed, can be uploaded to staff profiles in Staff Connect. More detail can be found in the guidance documents.

Now that the first phase of changes to the RPD process have been put in place and following the introduction to Staff Connect, the L&OD team are now starting to discuss the next phase of appraisal (RPD) work with managers and teams in all areas by attending team meetings. If you would like a member from the L&OD team to attend a school/department meeting, please email


October 2018 Updates

  • Introduction of the Staff Connect system to log and store appraisal (RPD) documentation
  • An annual appraisal (RPD) cycle has been introduced from September to September to enable reporting of completion rates across the organisation as an appraisal (RPD) is mandatory annually (exemptions apply)
  • Introduction of ad-hoc quality checking by Heads of Schools/Departments (or their nominee) is being encouraged to ensure quality of conversation
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Refreshed website and booklet


  • Changes to all pages have been made to reflect the introdution of Staff Connect for recording and storage of appraisal (RPD) information
  • New guides and 'how to' information have been added to assist reviewers and reviewees understand how to use the staff connect sytem for appraisal (RPD)
  • Quick links to resources, including internal and external websites and updated forms to facilitate preparation for appraisal (RPD)
  • Updated online digital RPD booklet available to either view on screen or download and print

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