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Storing Appraisal Documentation

Staff are able to store their appraisal paperwork in two ways, either in the staff connect system or locally in their school or department.

  • If staff choose to store their appraisal paperwork in the staff connect system, these documents will be visible to their line manager and more senior managers in the same reporting line (their manager’s manager, for example).  The staff connect system is set up in this way in order to ensure managers have access to the data they need to deliver on their management responsibilities at all levels, these include for example, responsibilities under health and safety, duty of care and to perform the University’s obligations to staff under their employment contracts. This enables managers to ensure for example: that appraisals are being completed and done well, that staff are getting the right levels of support and development, that they are considering and implementing adjustments for a disability if needed and ensuring Occupational Health support is obtained if needed, so that training and other staff requirements are actioned and approved etc. However, beyond the management structure in the school/department it is rare and unlikely that appraisal documentation will need to be accessed.

It is normal practice that appraisal documentation is available to management within the school/department so that they can ensure good quality and valuable conversations are taking place and to ensure that a school/department view can be taken on such things like succession planning and planning for local learning and development needs and training.

Appraisal paperwork stored in the staff connect system is safe and secure and access is managed strictly through the system.

  • If staff choose to store their appraisal paperwork locally, then the safe storage of this information is the responsibility of the staff member and their line manager, this includes compliance with GDPR regulations.

Access to appraisal information (outside the management structure of the school/department)
It has always been the case that there may be rare occasions when access to appraisal documentation is required, this is the case no matter where the appraisal documentation is stored. Some examples of why an appraisal may need to be accessed are:

  • To address ill health concerns, especially to help inform any reasonable adjustments
  • To support applications for pay award or job description changes
  • To assist investigations into grievances raised





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