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It is important that the information shared as part as the appraisal (RPD) conversation is summarised, captured and stored on Staff Connect so that it can be used to support priority objectives and development over the year ahead in both the school/department and wider organisation.

Appraisal (RPD) completion rates within each school/department are now monitored on a yearly basis, with an annual report produced for Executive Group.

As a reviewer, it is your responsibility to ensure that Staff Connect is kept up to date with relevant appraisal (RPD) documentation.

To ensure that the conversation has been worthwhile and valuable for both you and the reviewee, the following guidelines may be useful:

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Capture key points

A brief written summary captured on the RPD Template Form should outline the key points discussed during the RPD conversation and agreed upon following the meeting (ideally within a week).  

You have a choice of using the RPD Template Form embedded in MyView (Staff Connect), the word version which can be found in the right hand menu of this page or in the RPD Booklet. The RPD form once complete needs to be retained as a record by the staff member and the manager. The completed form can be kept locally within your department or school or you can upload the signed document to MyView.

To note, if an RPD form is stored locally, it must be kept securely and follow the current GDPR regulations. If you choose to upload your completed RPD form into MyView the GDPR requirements are taken care of by HR .

You should agree whether the reviewee or reviewer will make notes and complete the form signed off by both parties as a final version that will be retained. The other forms available in this guide and on the website are to help you collate and prepare information that may be used to facilitate the conversation, if you choose to use them.

All documents shoud be created, agreed, signed and converted to pdf files before uploading to Staff Connect.


Ideally, the completed RPD form (whichever format used) and any other templates used should be agreed, signed, uploaded to Staff Connect and authorised by the reviewer and reviewee within a week of the conversation. Detailed ‘how –to’ guidance can be found to help you upload documents and complete the authorisation process on Staff Connect, please click here for the Reviewers and Reviewees Guide.

Make connections

The appraisal (RPD) process can be a source of information when considering strategic activities such as promotions or re-grade applications. You may need to arrange a follow-up discussion with the Head of School/Department, or line manager if you don’t directly manage your reviewee, so that you can share relevant details about the reviewee’s career objectives and development goals.

Where information about reviewee development can be summarised anonymously, this may also be collated and used by the Head of School/Department to inform team decisions and planning activities.


You are encouraged to upload your RPD documents or use the electronic version of the RPD form in Staff Connect, which is a safe and confidential environment with tight controls. Particular points to highlight are:

You are encouraged to upload your appraisal (RPD) documents or use the electronic version of the RPD form in Staff Connect, or you can store locally (ensuring compliance with GDPR)

If you agree with your reviewer to store your completed RPD form locally, responsibility for the safe storage and compliance with GDPR regulations is yours/the reviewers. In this case, L&OD must be informed of the location of the RPD, so that access can be gained in the unlikely event it is needed.

When there is a change of manager, reviewer or Head of School/Department, your appraisal (RPD) form needs to be accessible to the post holder, whether via Staff Connect or from a locally stored location for continuity.

In very rare circumstances an RPD Form may be needed to support, address or resolve an individual organisational issue (e.g. to support development, to address ill health concerns, especially to help inform any reasonable adjustments to support staff members, to support applications for pay awards or job description changes).

In all cases, access to a RPD form is restricted, if access is needed, an RPD Access Request form will need to be completed and authorised by HR before release of the form (or part of a form).

Continuing the RPD cycle

The RPD form and any supporting documentation can be a useful tool when holding the next appraisal (RPD) conversation with your reviewee, to reflect upon the objectives set and goals that have been achieved and provide a focus for feedback.

If a reviewee has moved roles or been allocated to another reviewer, their RPD will remain on their staff profile and will be visible to the new line manager or allocated reviewer. The original reviewer/line manager will no longer have access to that RPD.

When to contact HR

If there are any performance or other employment issues raised during the appraisal (RPD) conversation, please speak with your designated HR representative for advice and support on the policies and procedures you may wish to refer to.


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