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AUA Continuous Professional Development Framework


In 2011 the University of Kent successfully trialled the way in which the AUA’s Continuing Professional Development Framework of professional behaviours supported professional development planning and career development of clerical and administrative staff within the Faculty of Humanities,  as part of their annual appraisal process.

The pilot project with the AUA allowed the University to develop and implement a customised Professional Development Framework to support professional services staff across the University in order to:

  • enhance institutional performance through high quality staff
  • develop management and leadership capability
  • enable succession planning
  • provide a framework for sustainable practice in career planning
  • foster equality and diversity of development opportunities across the University

The Framework includes the professional behaviours expected to be present at a particular grade and are designed to represent the key behaviours crucial to working in an effective manner within the HE sector. The framework document has been tailored to the levels within the University of Kent grades 1 - 9 and the activities of each grade builds on the ones of the grade before. It can therefore be used as a focus for personal and professional development and to distinguish effective performance in professional service roles, both to support the needs of individuals as well as the longer-term strategic objectives of the school/department and the University as a whole. 

This framework is the output from a project jointly run by the Academic Division and HR, partly funded by the AUA. Participants were not only able to demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional development but also an awareness of the behaviours which underpin each activity. The use of a customised University of Kent Professional Development Framework has helped to raise awareness and encourage a more structured approach to personal and professional development. It has also led to a more meaningful engagement with the appraisal process by introducing a shared understanding of the expectations of participants in terms of their roles and their professional behaviours.

Accompanying the Framework, is a self-assessment form for staff to use to prepare for their Reflect, Plan, Develop conversation, a summary CPD log (which staff can use to help you keep a record of their personal and professional development activities) and a set of frequently asked questions which provide staff with more information about the Framework and the project in general. There is also a handbook to provide guidance for reviewers. These documents are provided below, should you wish to use them:


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