PensionsPlus is a new way to make pension contributions to either USS or SAUL which reduces National Insurance deductions, thereby increasing take-home pay.

The scheme launch is planned to launch later in 2019, further news to follow.

How it works:

PensionsPlus is a salary exchange scheme. By participating, members agree to give up a portion of salary, equivalent to their pension contribution which the University will pay on their behalf.

At present, pension contributions are deducted from gross pay and pension scheme members receive tax relief on these contributions. By switching to PensionsPlus, the member will receive the same tax relief but will also benefit from paying less National Insurance. Consequently, both the pension scheme member and the University make a saving.

The illustration below shows how the scheme operates:

national insurance contributions changes image

The majority of staff will benefit from an increase in take-home pay by joining PensionsPlus and therefore eligible staff will be automatically enrolled into the scheme later this year with the option to opt out if they wish. Staff will receive full details of the scheme, with instructions on how to opt out, nearer the time.

Some staff members may not be eligible for or benefit from joining PensionsPlus and these staff will not be enrolled into the scheme. It is not possible to join if:

A factsheet on salary sacrifice (or salary exchange) is published by USS or refer to page 7 of the SAUL member booklet.

The University advises staff to seek independent financial advice if they require further guidance.

More information will be made available over the coming months directly to staff and via these webpages or email your queries.




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Last Updated: 30/08/2018