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Permitted paid engagement (PPE)

An individual may be able to enter the UK for up to 1 month to carry out a paid engagement with permitted activities.

Permitted paid engagements

  • An academic who is highly qualified within his or her field of expertise may examine students and/or participate in or chair selection panels, if they have been invited by a UK Higher Education Institution or a UK based research or arts organisation as part of that institution or organisation's quality assurance processes.
  • An expert may give lectures in their subject area, if they have been invited by a UK Higher Education Institution; or a UK based research or arts organisation provided this does not amount to filling a teaching position for the host organisation.

Additional eligibility requirements

In addition to meeting the visit visa (standard) requirements in relation to genuine intention, funding, payment and study, the permitted paid engagement must:

  • be arranged before the applicant travels to the UK; and
  • be declared as part of the application for a visit visa or leave to enter; and
  • be evidenced by a formal invitation, and
  • relate to the applicant’s area of expertise and occupation overseas.

Required evidence

A formal invitation letter is required to show:

  • Why the individual has been chosen to carry out the PPE (because of their skills and experience);
  • How the engagement links to the venue and how long the engagement is for;
  • Additional evidence could include publications in the field of expertise and a letter from their home employer confirming where they work and their area of expertise.

Those unlikely to qualify

Where an academic is fully retired and carries out one-off examination work or a one-off lecture, this would not count as their full time occupation and the application may be refused.  However if an individual is semi-retired, carrying out regular lectures and/or examination work and earning income from this, this may qualify under the PPE route.


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