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On the 25 April 2015 new visitor immigration rules, named Appendix V, came in to operation. The previous 15 categories have been streamlined in to four visitor routes and should be used dependant on the purpose of the visit.

Each visitor must meet the requirements of the visitor rules.  Visitors cannot work or study unless this is allowed by the permitted activities set out in the rules.

Who needs a visa?

A visa national must obtain a visit visa before they arrive in the UK.  A visa national who arrives in the UK without a visit visa will be refused leave to enter.

A non-visa national may apply for a visit visa but it is not required.  They may apply for leave to enter as a visitor on arrival at the UK border.

However if they are visiting the UK to marry or to form a civil partnership (or to give notice of this), or if they are seeking to visit the UK for more than 6 months a visit visa must be obtained before they arrive in the UK.

Before travelling to the UK visitors are advised to check if a visa is required.

Important Home Office changes

There have been two important changes which will effect indivuals coming to the UK from March 2015.

Biometric Residence Permits

Immigration Health Surcharge

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