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Tier 4 Student Workers

From January 2016 HR will issue all contracts for Tier 4 student workers. Please refer to the below information to ensure the correct documentation is used.

Tier 4 student workers must not be permitted to commence employment until the formal offer of employment has been made by HR and accepted.

Please refer to the Tier 4 Student Workers procedures for further information.

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Conditional Offer of Employment

To request a new contract, new duty or extension the Employing Manager must complete the 'conditional offer of employment ' confirming the Tier 4 student workers personal information, post details and eligibility to work in the UK.

Once completed please send to Lucy Rymill, HR Immigration Coordinator, Darwin E3.4.

If the conditional offer of employment is agreed the student will be asked to complete the required forms and accept the associated terms and conditions.

Employing Managers are advised to make the conditional offer of employment 2 weeks before the anticipated first day of work to allow time for the offer to reach HR and the individual invited to sign the contract paperwork.

The Employing Manager will be sent a copy of the employment contract and work may commence.

Restrictions on Tier 4 Student Workers

From January 2016, Tier 4 student workers may hold a maximum of two employment contracts with a maximum of 20 hours per week. The contract may include multiple posts when held in one School or Department and with one nominated Employing Manager.

Where a Tier 4 student worker holds one contract of employment there may be a maximum of 20 hours per week offered.

Where a Tier 4 student worker holds two contracts of employment, a maximum number of hours permitted each week must be agreed between the Employing Managers and the individual and the combined contracts must not add up to more than 20 hours per week.

Employing Manager

Employing managers are expected to:

  1. Understand the visa and contractual restrictions associated with staff employed on a Tier 4 visa within their school or department.
  2. Oversee and monitor the hours offered to staff on a Tier 4 visas within their school or department to ensure the hours of work they offer do not exceed the contractual limits.

Multipler for Hourly Paid Lecturers

The multiplier applied to the hourly rate for teaching hours will reflect the actual number of hours worked.  For example, for each teaching hour paid, 2.5 hours of work will be acknowledged. 

Therefore a maximum number of 8 teaching hours will be permitted per week.

Claim Forms / Timesheets

From 4th January 2016, the Tier 4 student workers claim form must be completed for all work undertaken with the University.

Timesheets must be completed in full with precise dates of work.  The hours must be verified and signed by the Employing Manager before being submitted to HR, no later than the published monthly payroll cut-off.

To ensure the correct calculation and payment of teaching hours, please use the code TH for all teaching hours to which the multiplier needs to be applied.  For all other duties paid at flat rate on an HPL contract and any hours worked on any other type of timesheet contract, please use the code AA (additional activities).

The original timesheet/claim forms must be submitted to Lucy Rymill, HR Immigration Coordinator.  Batch spreadsheets cannot be accepted for Tier 4 student workers and their hours must be removed from the batch spreadsheets submitted to Payroll in order to avoid duplication and possible overpayment.  Timesheets/claim forms may be sent to HR on a weekly or monthly basis.

Once received, HR will review the hours worked against the contractual limits across all contracts held to ensure the visa conditions have not been breached.   The timesheets/claim forms will then be passed to Payroll for payment.  Any forms received by HR after Payroll cut-off may result in a delay in payment.

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistant contracts will not be affected but will be recognised as one contract of employment. Timesheets are not required as these posts are salaried, however, Schools must be aware of the weekly hours offered which must not exceed 20 hours, and must not exceed contractually agreed hours.


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