Staff Immigration

Individuals who hold their own visa

Although you are not sponsored by the University we must ensure we both comply with any rules and conditions associated with your visa and the prevention of illegal working regulations.

Why it’s important to comply

It is important that both you and the University comply with any conditions associated with your visa. Failure to comply could result in you having your visa cancelled and/or being denied entry to the UK for several years. Consequences to the University include penalties or criminal prosecution.

Reporting changes of your immigration status

If there are any changes to your immigration status or your personal circumstances you must let HR Operational Services know as soon as possible.


If you have a restriction on the type of work you can do or the amount of hours you can work, you must not work in breach of these conditions.

Visa expiry and extension

You will be contacted approximately three months prior to the expiry of your current leave.  If your employment continues, you will be required to make a visa extension application ‘in time’ (before the expiry of your current leave to remain) and documentary evidence is required as proof of your application.  This will enable you to continue working on your current leave to remain conditions whilst your visa application is processed by the UKVI.


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